we blaze our
own trail

honoring history While Crafting tasty brews


Vanport Brewing seeks to connect Portland's past to its present, and to shape its future.

We’re Robert and Dan, and we make beer that combines the tradition of beer brewing with a desire to blaze our own trail. Ultimately, that drive to look deeper, to question, and to know more is what led us to establish Vanport Brewing.

We believe in uncovering what others look past, ignore or try to hide. Our beer celebrates the history of Portland -- the bad and the good -- connecting the city’s past to its present, to shape its future.


Our Beers

Because we're also dedicated to thinking differently and finding hidden potential,
each beer offers something just a little non-traditional.



Sneaker Oatmeal Pale Ale, or “SOPA” as we say at the brewery, is a hoppy ale with a smooth oat mouthfeel.

VanportBrews_Copper Hopper.jpg

copper hopper

This rich copper ale showcases a rotating line-up of a single hop in each batch.

VanportBrews_Black Sabbath.jpg

black sabbath

This ale is dark as night and packs a hoppy punch with loads of Columbus and Simcoe in the boil and dry hop.


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